Badook for

Full Stack
ML Teams

As data practitioners, we know data engineering can at times feel like a
thankless job.

You are responsible for a variety of data sources, making sure all the data
sets are complete, free of errors, and satisfy all the end-users

As Data Engineers you are left with the overall responsibility but limited or
no tools to validate the quality of data.

badook’s test automation platform is built to allow data teams to gain
confidence in their data throughout the whole lifecycle.
From development to production and from source to consumer.

Some features that can help you

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Automate domain expertise

badook lets you translate your organization’s domain
knowledge into automated tests ensuring you deliver a
reliable and consistent outcome to your clients.

Discover more subtle
data issues with AI

Data is vast and issues can be too subtle for the
human eye. Some issues like anomalies and
seasonality are better handled by ML models. badook’s
Test Discovery is here to help you, by analyzing your
data and recommending new tests.

Have well defined
contracts for your data

badook uses a simple Python SDK to author tests. This
means you can set up contract testing easily with both
data vendors and clients. Something is wrong and a
test failed? You can set up notifications using your
messaging platform of choice and get everyone up to
speed with exactly what had happened.

Fully integrated across
your data stack

badook is built by data professionals for data
professionals. It runs locally in your cloud environment
and is integrated with all your tools, from data stores to
pipeline orchestration, badook is integrated and can
be easily added to your environment.

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