Our story

We're obsessed with data quality

Our platform is best of breed data testing designed to get the drag of authoring and maintaining tests out of the way, so you can have confidence in your data from day 1.

As data practitioners, we know how hard it is to get data reliability right. We believe tests should be empowering, not an additional overhead for data engineers and scientists.

Data-driven systems are the future of software, from reporting to ML/AI models, data-driven systems support, and often make decisions based on the data they are fed. But trusting those growing amounts of data is becoming impossible; with increasing volumes and the everchanging nature of datasets, testing is a must.


Our Team

Yaniv Rodenski
Co-founder, CEO
Yariv Triffon
Co-founder, CTO
Yael Steinberger
Software Engineer
Idan Amit
Software Engineer
Rotem Aharon
Data Science Researcher
Eran Stiller
Chief Software Architect
Oren Szigeti
Data Science Lead