Data Teams

Data reliability is a growing concern for modern data-driven businesses. 

badook empowers data engineering and data science teams to test and monitor the quality of data in their systems.

find data issues &
discover testS GRAPHICALLY

badook’s AutoExplorer automatically analyses your data for potential issues, patterns and trends. 

Identify which tests you need to ensure you are always working on reliable data.

Accelerate test authoring
with a simple & powerful SDK

badook’s Test SDK simplifies the authoring of data tests while providing powerful capabilities. You can author data tests, from simple data validity to advanced statistical and model-based tests with ease, and automate throughout your system’s lifecycle, from development to run-time.

You have control
over your data

badook is designed to run in your cloud environment without giving up the comforts and ease of a fully managed SaaS. Our dataset-level Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) gives you the ability to author company-wide tests without compromising security and complying with the most strict regulations.

Wherever you run your pipelines

badook runs natively on all public cloud providers